Welcome to the adventures of the Nameless squad. It consists of four members embarking on missions from Lady Akraxis Wrogarius, Inquisitor Ordo Hereticus. Currently the party is on mission on planet Desoleum.

Desoleum is a planet dominated by three enormous hive cities, into each of which a population of dozens of billions is crammed, though accurate counts are impossible to undertake and the true figure is likely to be several times greater. The planet’s pre-eminent hive city is the eponymous Desoleum, sometimes called Desoleum Primus or colloquially elsewhere as Prime. The triad of Hives Desoleum, Jarvin, and Suzzum, the latter two named for the nigh- legendary figures said to have founded them, account for the bulk of the industry on the planet, while countless lesser hives and manufactorums are to be found throughout the wastes.

Dark Heresy 2.0 Nameless

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