Dark Heresy 2.0 Nameless

Your first asignment
Dark Heresy 2.0 session 0 & 1

All the members had received a dataslate with an invitation by Inquisitor Akraxis Wrogarius.
The first one to arrive at the described location, an old abbandoned hospital, was Victoria. She’s a charmfull little slut with a huge rack and will charm the …. out of you, but gets easily persuaded too. She entered the building and found her way to a waiting room and sat down at the table that wat is the middle of the room. After a few minutes the next member arrives, Swifty. He’s trying to be the most badass stealthy assasin but no luck so far, oh and he’s socially awkward.

Wrogar entered the room and asked everyone to follow him, for they are meeting Lady Akraxis soon.


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